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GCI 5400 Series — Self-Erecting Luffing Boom Tower Crane — Diesel-Powered

The luffing boom crane was designed to meet the requirements of the restricted job site. With a short tail-swing and the ability to raise and lower its boom, it easily adapts to construction site demands providing complete coverage while avoiding obstructions. Hi-Rise Crane operates a fleet of diesel-powered, carrier-based, self-erecting luffing boom tower cranes in the GCI 5400 series.

Click Here for the GCI 5400 Load Chart

Click Here for the GCI 5400 Lattice Boom Capacity

Potain by Manitowoc Igo T130 — Self-Erecting Tower Cranes — Electric-Powered

The fast-erecting crane is an economical and adaptable choice for the small construction site. Our Manitowoc-Potain self-erecting, electric-powered cranes insure fast setup and quiet operation. The Potain line of fast-erectors provides a truly multi-purpose alternative to standard, diesel-powered mobile cranes. At Hi-Rise Crane, we feature the Potain Igo T130 self-erecting model.

Click Here for the Potain Igo T130 Data Sheet

Hammerhead Tower Crane

Hammerhead cranes are versatile and efficient. They easily adapt to any project whether using concrete, steel or other types of construction materials. It’s practical modular construction makes transport, assembly and disassembly quick, easy and cost-effective. The hammerhead crane has earned a solid reputation for its dependable performance.

Flat-Top Tower Crane

The principal design feature of the flat-top tower crane is the compact head. With the emphasis on quick and easy assembly, the simplified design is appealing and an undeniable benefit to the customer. While a welcome sight on any type of job site, many flat top cranes have been used on construction projects or near airports where overhead clearance is frequently a concern.